Monday, April 18, 2005

There's always an upside for somebody ...

Remember when I wrote about conscience clauses and fretted about potential conflicts between personal commitments and professional duties? Well, as usual, I only really looked at one side of the story (although I had essentially set up the other).

See, I was really just thinking about the plight of the people seeking medical care. I totally forgot to take into account that this might be a great thing for folks looking for cushy jobs.

Well, over at Crooked Timber, Belle Waring's got it covered. Quoth she:

Just get certified as a pharmacist, hired at Walgreen’s, and then reveal that you are a Christian Scientist and it is against your religion to dispense any medicine at all. Then just sit back, read chick magazines, and eat expired candy while the money rolls in. “I’d like to fill this prescription for an asthma inhaler?” “Sorry, ma’am, that’s against my religion.” And you can’t get fired! Awesome.

Awesome indeed!


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